About This Blog

It is unfortunate that this blog needed to be created. Certainly, you are finding many other sites online and news sources giving all types of information about the Ebola situation. Some of the information is inaccurate, incomplete, sensationalized, or skewed toward a particular viewpoint.

This site attempts to avoid misinformation and consolidate the key, full, and correct information for you in chronological order so you can track the progress of the disease and decide how to protect the lives of yourself and your loved ones.There is no agenda other than to help you survive this dangerous situation.

We will do our best to provide, on the main page, a flow of current information about Ebola in America that you may not be hearing anywhere else. As the information overflows the page, it will be moved to the “Previous Posts Archive” page for reference purposes.

Please refer to the other pages of this blog and provide your input in the COMMENTS box at the end of each page. All comments are screened for value and validity before they will appear, and may be shortened if necessary.

Thanks and best of luck to you through this concerning period!


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